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One Punch Man 3: What is the Release Date and Cast? What is the Plot?!

Animated series is getting a lot of lam light nowadays and if we have to select a particular genre then the one who has some supernatural element is doing a great job. If we talk of supernatural animated series then we are totally familiar with the unique subjects of Japanese series as they have a different kind of characterization and plot. One of the best that we have now is One Punch Man.

What is One Punch Man?

Like I have mentioned before that One Punch Man is a Japanese series. It is an animated superhero series that shows us some unique concepts and subjects. Shingo Natsume has directed this series in season one but for season two, the director changed. Now the series is being directed by Chikara Sakurai. Tomohiro Suzuki is the writer of this series and Madhouse was the main studio but for season one. For season two we had J.C. Staff that will roll in season three as well. Animax Asia, Adult Swim, and definitely Netflix are the English Network. This supernatural series that has a lot of action has only two released seasons, so now we are looking forward to the One Punch Man 3.

When can we expect One Punch Man 3? Is it coming soon?

The season one of One Punch Man released on 5 October 2015. It ended on 20 December 2015 with amazing 12 episodes. Almost after four year, we have got the second season and it has also 12 episodes. The second season came on 9 April 2019 and it ended on 2 July 2019.

If we look up at the third season then no official announcement has been done by the makers. But as we know that season two has received a great review then there are a lot of chances of season three. It is also said that the work upon the third season has started but nothing has been assured. And if the work is in progress then we may get it at the end of 2021.

What about the castings of One Punch Man 3

It is sure that every character will be back with the same dubbing artists. So if we look up at the previous ones then we will have them again- Saitama dubbed by Makoto Furulawa (for Japanese) and Max Mittelman (for English), Genos dubbed by Kaito Ishikawa (for Japanese) and Zach Aguilar (for English), Vaccine Man by Ryusei Nakao (for Japanese) and Christopher R. Santa (for English), Tornado dubbed by Aoi Yuki (for Japanese) and Corina Boettgar (for English), Bang dubbed by Kazuhiro Yamaji (for Japanese) and Will Barret (for English) and Atomic Samurai voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda (for Japanese) and Kyle Hebert (for English).

One Punch Man Plot, and What can we expect from One Punch Man 3?

It is the story of a boy whose name is Saitama and he is considered to have some supernatural power of punching. Saitama is considered to be a superhero because of the power he posses. He can beat up anyone to death just by one punch. As his power is beyond amazing so that’s why no one can challenge or defeat him. So now he wants a foe or a competitor who can be like him and can challenge him for a fight.

The season three would be really interesting to watch. We may get any official announcements soon.

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