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The Rising of the Shield Hero 2: Release date, Cast and Plot. What are the latest updates?!

In the year 2019, we have got some amazing animated series and most of them are of Japan. We are familiar with the diversity in the subjects of Japanese animated series. There were many series that has renewed in 2019 and many that got its existence in the previous year. If we list up some of the best originals of 2019 then we will have The Rising Of The Shield Hero for sure.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is 2019 animated series. It is a Japanese animated series that got adapted from a manga series or we can say a light novel. Aneko Yusagi is the one who has penned this manga series. When it comes to the publication then it was done by Media Factory. It was in June 2017 that we have got to know about this drama. Kinema Citrus has produced this series and Takao Abo directed it. Season one of this animated series was really very good and has gained a lot of views, so now viewers are looking forward to the second season.

Poster of The Rising of the Shield Hero -Manga Series

What is the expected release date of The Rising of the Shield Hero?

The Rising of the Shield was announced for the first time in the year 2017 and it took almost two years to get the series as a whole. It released on 9 January 2019. After airing for almost 6 months, it ended on 26 June 2019. It used to air on ATSC. The first season had 25 seasons.

Most of us are wondering that is there any chances of second seasons?! Well yes, we are definitely getting The Rising of the Shield Hero 2. It was announced in 2019 in Crunchyroll Expo that the makers have renewed this series for a second as well as for the third season. It was also announced by the help of Twitter by the makers. The release date has not been revealed because of the second season and the third one is in the development.

In season one we had 25 episodes so we may get the same number, which is 25 episodes in the second and the third season.

What is the story of The Rising of the Shield Hero 2 and 3?

Naofumi Iwatani is the one around whom this whole series rotates. Iwatani is a young boy in Japan. He gets into the parallel universe. In the parallel universe, he met three more youth as him from the same universe as his. The only aim of these youth was to become a Cardinal hero. There is a group of monsters called Waves, with whom these four youth will be fighting. The season second and the third will have some great fight between the Waves and the four young people. We will again be watching Naofumi fighting against some monsters. In the meantime, he will also be exploring a new world.

Something related to the casting of The Rise Shield Hero 2 and 3?

The casting of season one was really great and that what made it quite unique and amazing. So we will be getting them again and here they are as follows- Naofumi Iwatani dubbed by the voice of Kaito Ishikawa (Japanese language) and Billy Kameez (English language), Raphtalia will have the voice of Asami (Japanese language) and Erica Mendez (English language), Filo will have the voice of Rina Hidaka (Japanese language) and Brianna (English language), Moto Yasu Kitamura voiced by Makoto Takanashi (Japanese language), and Ren Amaki in dubbed by Yoshitsugu (Japanese language) and Ana Lee (English language).

This series is now on Netflix and it is also available on Amazon. The work upon the second season has started and soon it will be ready to release.

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