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Mob Psycho 100 3: Release Date, Cast and Plot. All Updates!!!

Japanese animated series has all kinds of subjects and genres we need, whether its from action to the supernatural themes. In the recent few years, the Japanese animated series has reached its peak and became famous worldwide. If we talk of supernatural series then we have a lot and it is really likable and watchable for everyone. Supernatural series gives some essence of thrill and suspense se as well. One such series is Mob Psycho 100.

Mob Psycho 100 Series is basically an animated series that is based or adapted from Japanese manga with the same name, which is called Mob Psycho 100. The manga has written as well as illustrated by ONE. The animated series is directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and it has been written by Hiroshi Seko. It is basically an action, comedy, and also a supernatural drama. Bones is the studio of this series and English Networks are Adult Swim and Animax. If we look up at the season then we had 2 seasons till date and now fans are wondering whether they will get third or not? So let’s find it further.

The release date of Mob Psycho 100 3

We are quite familiar with the fact that it is adopted from a manga series that published in April 2012 and ended in December 2017. The first season of animated series released on 12 July 2016 and it ended on 27 September 2016. The first season had 12 episodes and followed by the second season with 13 episodes. The second season released on 7 January 2019 and it ended on 1 April 2019.

The release date of the third season has not been confirmed by the makers. However, it was said that it was about to release in 2021 but due to COVID-19 the series is going to release in 2022. We might have the 12 episodes.

The castings of Mob Psycho 100 3

We will be getting the same castings as the story requires it. We will have the leads and the supporting same as the first and the second season. They are- Shigeo Kageyama by Setsu Ito (Japanese) and Kyle McCarley (English), Reigen Arataka by Takahiro Sakuru (Japanese) and Chris Niosi, Dimple by Akio Otsuka (Japanese) and Michael Sorich (English), Ritsu Kageyama by Miyu Irino (Japanese) and Max Mittelman (English), Teruki Hanazawa by Yoshitsugu Matsuaka (Japanese) and Erik Scott Kimerer (English), Sho Suzuki by Sachi Kokuryu (Japanese) and Casey Mongillo (English), Touichirou Suzuki by Kuzuhiko Inoue (Japanese) and Kyle Hebert (English).

The plot of Mob Psycho 100 3

The plot of Mob Psycho 100 is about a boy who is currently in middle school. He got a nickname called Mob because of the fact that he is lacking the sense of presence. People find his looks to be quite inauspicious. He is a boy who lives a life in an emotional way but he is anxious also. To prevent these things he started working with Reigen Arataka, a psychic. He wants to live like every other normal people, a free and happy liberated life. We will see him facing a group called claws again in season three.

Mob Psycho 100 is really a great animated series and it is really watchable for any age group people. The castings to the plot, everything is just good in this series and that’s why it is coming up with the third season.

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