About Us

about us
NationalTimes Media Inc (nationaltimes.in) is an independent news portal that provides well researched and quality news and articles. We publish news from whole world. Our news reporters are the most experienced and expert members in the field of digital currency on the Internet. Our news portal is completely dedicated to those who are searching for bitcoin news, Altcoin events and all the digital currency news happening around the world.

The main objective behind this portal is to educate people and provide real news from around the world related to digital currency and blockchain. Currently, there are only a few websites that are publishing quality news articles about digital currency and blockchain. Our aim is to increase the knowledge of people by providing them the right information.

Why did we start the National Times?

As we know bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and other cryptomudra have become one of the main news topics in our life. People are spending more time reading news articles related to them.

Most people are investing in crypto these days because they see it as one of the big investment sources to get more profit. Therefore they need more information about cryptomudra since cryptomudra has become a big topic in the present world.

But the sad thing is that some media institutions are encouraging people to buy some special currencies, which are a matter of concern, for their benefit.

That is why we started this website to share the latest news and events related to digital currencies worldwide. We will not reach our readers for any news marketing, instead, we will give them some quality news articles and by which they can increase their knowledge. We know that these are difficult tasks but only in this we will get happiness.

That is why we started the National Times Portal. For detailed case studies of bitcoin and other ICOs, we will bring guest writers and other industry experts to our readers so that they can share their experiences with our readers. The National Times is one of the best places to get reliable information about cryptomudras that you are interested in reading.

Our goal

We are not just a crypto news publishing site, but we want to help our readers in every possible way in the field of crypto currency. We always aim to be a collection of high quality materials for readers.

At National Times we are very serious about journalism and media. We will not write any fake news and try to live up to our readers’ expectation of genuine and unbiased news about crypto. The news articles writing in this website originated from various corners of blockchain technology, so you can expect some high standards of journalism, we hate misleading news or statements and marketing.

our vision

Here you will find much closer and accurate articles about crypto news on the Internet than “experts in blockchain technology”. We have been closely watching the advantages and disadvantages of this bitcoin industry from the beginning. You can see this website as a very rare place where we get a lot of attention from our expert writers.

In this website, we do not encourage you to buy or sell any currency. Our main approach is to build a better ecosystem for the reader to get the best information from advice from official sources without any marketing work.

For any query or inquiry, you can visit our contact page or mail us at contact@NationalTimes.in.