Tuesday, March 5, 2024

The viral video of accident is not of chomu pulia of jaipur but of varanasi and it is 2 years old

Some people are sharing a video of an accident claiming that it is of the new Jhotwara Pulia that is being built on Chomu Pulia.

A video is being viral on social media, which is being told about the accident on the under-construction bridge in the Jhotwara area of Jaipur.

But when the National Times team investigated this viral video, it was found that the video getting viral is about 2 years old and belongs to the accident in Varanasi.

Let me tell you that in May 2018, an under-construction bridge fell in Varanasi. About 18 people died in this accident.

Our investigation revealed that the video being viral has no relation with Jaipur, so please ignore the rumors.

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