Saturday, October 16, 2021

USA is Providing US$12.1 million (NZ$20.1 million) in aid to Greenland

USA is Providing US$12.1 million (NZ$20.1 million) in aid to Greenland, but denies the help is part of a long-term scheme to buy the island from Denmark, regardless of what President Donald Trump may have said in the past.

While the money involved is small, it’s revived a furore in Denmark over reports last year that Trump was musing about purchasing Greenland.

The US is seeking to counter growing assertiveness in the Arctic by Russia and China.

The money will go toward priorities That includes tapping Greenland’s abundant mineral resources, promoting tourism and boosting ties with the island’s people, a senior US State Department official told reporters on condition of anonymity.

The US also plans to open a consulate in Nuuk, the capital, within several months.

Greenland’s government said this week the aid package would “benefit the economic development of Greenland, including the mineral industry, tourism and education”.

“It takes time to develop closer relationships with other countries,But this good news confirms that our work on building a constructive relationship with the United States is fruitful.” Greenland Premier Kim Kielsen said, according to a government statement.

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