Saturday, October 16, 2021

Arnab Goswami car attacked

Republic TV editor-in-chief and anchor Arnab Goswami tried to attack Mumbai in the wee hours of Wednesday. When they failed, he threw ink on the car. His wife Samia Goswami was also with him at the time of the incident. In this case a police complaint was filed.

Attack on arnab car

According to preliminary information, the attack was done just 500 meters away from his house on Ganpatrao Kadam Marg. Arnab was driving the car. According to the complaint, the attackers came in front of Arnab’s car. Tried to break the glass of the car. When he was not successful, he threw ink on the car.

Arnab has resigned from the Editor’s Guild of India

Arnab Goswami recently resigned from the Editors Guild of India during a live show. Arnab attributed the falling values ​​of the Editors Guild of India to his resignation. He had said, “The Editors Guild of India has compromised on morality for personal prejudices. He has been a member of the Editors Guild of India for a long time, but now it is just a group of people, including some who have no guts to a call fake news fake.

Ministry of I&B condemns

We condemn the attempt to attack Arnab Goswami. We condemn every attack on any journalist. This is against democracy and it is really ironical that those who preach tolerance have become so intolerant. Therefore we condemn this attempt: Information and Broadcasting Minister

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