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Dirty Money 2: Release Date, Cast and Plot. Whom can we expect in season 3?

Politics and Corruption are the two things that will always remain with each other and their bonding with each other leads to the falls of the biggest people, biggest countries, and suffering of the lower class. Whatever seems on the media may not be always true, they rarely give us the inside of politics and political figures. And it is our responsibility that we should be always aware of these things. So to give us the inside information we have a series called Dirty Money.

Dirty Money is an American documentary series. It is a Netflix Originals television and web series. One of the executive producers of the series called Dirty Money is Alex Gibney( (Oscar winner). The production company we have is Jigsaw Production. This series is about corruption, fraud, and politics for sure. The series has received good reviews from the makers, critics, and of course audiences too. We have got only two of the season of this series and let’s see the chances of three!

The release date of Dirty Money 3

This corporate corruption documentary released for the first time on Netflix and it was released on 26 January 2018. This season had 6 episodes and following this number we have got the second season after more than two years. The second was released on 11 March 2020.

The review of both the seasons we’re really good and in fact amazing. We have got an overall rating of 7.9 out of 10. So it is sure that the possibilities for the third season would be really high. The makers have not yet decided when they would be renewing it regarding season three of Dirty Money.

Dirty Money  3 Cast

The casting of season one and season two of Dirty Money has featured the interview with some amazing political personality and they were- Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Hilary Clinton, Stuart Johnson, and many more.

Dirty Money 3 Plot

The series is about security fraud, corruption, politics, creative accounting. It is a documentary about the famous people who are rich and got somehow engaged in corruption as well as fraud. This series also focuses on the Well Fargo Scam and also the Jared Kushner one.

The new series of Dirty Money will bring some new political figures involved in the corruption. Fans are really excited about season three and they also want season three to bring the great story of a political figure.

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