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AJ and the Queen 2: What is the release date, cast and plot?? All Updates!!

American Comedy is really good and they are indeed famous worldwide. And it is not just the comedy or only the comedy that is left to watch, because there are a lot of the sub-genres of comedy that are there to watch. One such genre is comedy plus drama. There are many comedy-drama series that have released till date but if we talk of any new that we have got this year, that is 2020 then we have some and one of them is AJ and the Queen.

AJ and the Queen is an American series. It is a comedy-drama series that has released for the first time on Netflix. This web television series created by Ru Paul and Michael Patrick King. The production company of this series or comedy-drama are Ru Co, MPK Production, and Warner Bros Television. We have got just one season of this series and most of you must be wondering about the second season.

The release date of AJ and the Queen 2

This comedy-drama was released only on Netflix. It was released on 10 January 2020 with the 10 episodes. After the ending of season one, many news revolved around this series. If you want to watch season two of this series then we have really bad news. The series has been closed after the release of season one. It was announced by the creator Ru Paul on Twitter that we won’t be getting any further season. He said that Netflix has decided to end the trip. The exact reason has not been confirmed but it is said the ratings might be the reason. The series has not received a good review, so it might have resulted in the cancellation.

AJ and the Queen 2 Cast

We know that we are not getting season two of AJ and the Queen but if we would have got season two then we have expected all the characters and actors to come back. So here they are- Ru Paul Charles as Ruby Red or Robert Lincoln Lee, Izzy G. as Amber Jasmine or AJ,  Michael Leon as Louis Bell or Cocoa Butter, Josh Segarra as Hector Ramirez or Damien Sanchez, Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna Douglas, and Tia Carrere as Leilani Kalai or Lady Danger.

AJ and the Queen 2 Plot

The story of this series is about Ruby Red or Robert Lincoln who travels Hanover America with a companion called AJ. AJ is an orphaned and of 10 years old only. The plot of season second cannot be defined as there won’t be any season two.

The series has been canceled and this thing has given a shock to the fans and the makers. Hope that soon we may receive some good news related to reboot or even the renewal in the coming years.

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