Saturday, October 16, 2021

Hapur news : People attacked members of hindu community, 6 Arrested

In Sarawa village of Kotwali area, there was a fight and stone pelting on the basis of suspicion of giving information about the Tablighis. One side suddenly started throwing stones, injuring several people from the other side. Police reached the spot and arrested six people. Five injured have been admitted to the hospital. Currently, there is a tense situation in the village. Police have registered a report against dozens of unknown accused including six named.

There was minor dispute at the begining

According to the police, there was a minor dispute of Imraan with Rakesh Tyagi’s son Prashant in the village Sarawa of Hapur Kotwali area on Monday. In the evening, when Prashant went to the Gulfan’s shop to get pulses, there was a dispute about this. After which the story became difficult.

Group of people attacked members of hindu community

After this the matter increased so much so that people from both sides came face to face. Then some people reached the spot and made them intervened. It is alleged that when the people of the prashant`s side were returning after intervening, the people of Imran side attacked.
A large number of people from behind started attack with sticks and batons. After which there was a lot of stone pelting. Asharam Tyagi, Prayas Tyagi, Prashant Tyagi, Johnny Tyagi and Mukesh Tyagi were injured in the stone pelting and assault.

Police reached on the spot

During this time there was chaos in the village. People reported the matter to the police. Police rushed to the spot and lathi charged the crowd.

Further investigation being done

Police have started investigating the case, police officer Rajesh Kumar also reached the village with the police force. At present, a heavy police force has been deployed in the village. Rajesh Kumar says that a case has been registered on the basis of Tahrir(Report). Strict action will be taken against the culprits. The search for the accused is on.

There was tension for many days on suspicion of the leaking information

– A few days ago villagers had informed the police and health department about a person who came from delhi after joining the Tabligi Jamaat in village Sawara . After which the police quarantined some people alongwith the said person. However, all the people have reached their homes after completing the quarantine. But it is said that the youth of the Muslim community were angry about this. During the dispute and the fight, people of the minority community threatened to suffer.

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