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India : Woman fights with Leopard, Know what happened Next!

The incidents of human-wildlife conflict in Indian State Uttarakhand comes in light frequently. In the recent incident, The leopard attacked the woman on Monday after killing a child in Almora district.

The attack happened evening in Talla Birl village of Salt Block in the district. In the evening, three or four women were returning after cutting a Grass, Then the leopard attacked them.

A fierce struggle

A woman clashed with a scythe with leopard. There was a fierce struggle between the two for three to four minutes.

Leopard Escaped

Fellow women made some noise. Eventually the leopard escaped leaving the woman after the struggle. The woman is badly injured in the attack.

Madhuli Devi, wife of Pratap Singh, a resident of Tok Talla Birl of Kaligad Gram Panchayat in the Salt Block, went to the grass on Monday evening with three or four companions to cut grass in some fields.

These days the grass has grown very high. When it was evening, everyone started preparing to return. A leopard ambushed her and attacked her in the way.
Before fellow women could understand anything, Madhuli Devi clashed with the leopard without losing courage.

There are deep nail marks on his face, neck and arms. According to the village head Manju Devi, the injured are being taken to the Community Health Center Devayal.

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