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The Dragon Prince 4: Release Date, Cast and Plot. Who are the dubbing artist? All updates here!

If we talk of animated series then the name of one country comes for sure, that is Japan. We are quite familiar with the Japanese animated series but nowadays it is not just Japan which is giving the best of animated series. It is America too that is doing quite well in animated films and series. One of the best American series of animation we have got is The Dragon Prince.

The Dragon Prince is an animated series and totally based upon the American themes. The series is a comedy and fantasy series which a lot of adventures. It is Aaron Ehasz with Justin Richmond who has created this series. This series is basically a Netflix Originals, it clearly means that Netflix is the only distributor.  Wonderstorm is the label that is handling the production things. And it is Bardel Entertainment who should get the credit of animation in this whole series. This Netflix Original has given us the three best season and now it is the perfect time we should know about The Dragon Prince 4.

What could be the expected release date of The Dragon Prince 4

We have got the first-ever season of The Dragon Prince on Netflix on 14 September 2018. After being a huge hit and loved by a lot of fans, the series transformed into the second season and it was released on 15 February 2019. The last season we have got was the third one, it was released in 2019. The last season has 27 amazing episodes.

The rumors related to the fourth season started after the ending of season three and it is sure that we are getting it. The work upon season four has started but now it is at a halt due to the pandemic. It was about to come in May 2020 but got postponed and the only reason is pandemic. The date of season four has not been announced yet because the makers themselves don’t know about the ending of the pandemic. The release date totally be depending upon the pandemic.

The Dragon Prince 4 Cast

The cast and the dubbing artist, all are making their comeback again with the season four and here they are- Jack Desena must be in the role of Callum, Sasha Rojen will do dubbing for Ezran, Rayla dubbed by Paula Borrows, Viren will have the dubbing of Jason Simpson, Calandia by Racquel Belmonte, Soron in the voice of Jesse Inocalla, King Harrow by Luc Roderique, Queen Sarai dubbed by Kazumi Evans and many more.

The Dragon Prince 4 Plot

Xadia is the setting of this series. It is basically a fantasy place where the series will be taken. This land is a fictional land. The plot of the story of season four will be continuous of season three. This continent called Xadia is basically divided by a river full of lava, so there must be some difficulty in living. Nothing much related to season four has been announced, it is just said to be continuous in the story.

Fans were excited about the series but when they got to know about the postponement then it somewhere disappointed them. We can’t expect this series this year.

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