Saturday, October 16, 2021

Palghar Mob Lynching : “Instead of protecting, Police handed over them to mobs”

Three people including two hindu sadhus and their driver brutally killed by Mob in palghar district of maharashtra. They wew beaten mericilessly in the presence of Local policemen.

In some viral video it can be seen that one sadhu tries to hide behind a policeman but policeman not even try to protect him from Mob.

Activist shefali vaidya(@ShefVaidya) also raised questions on Palghar police. She says “instead of protecing,Cops handed them to mob”

She tweeted ” I didn’t sleep last night, thinking of the last moments of this 70 year old Sadhu, Kalpavriksh Giri. He thought police would protect him. Instead, cops fm @Palghar_Police handed him to a mob and watched him die! @DGPMaharashtra @CMOMaharashtra someday, #karma will strike back.

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