Saturday, October 16, 2021

Palghar Sadhu Lynching : Devendra Fadnavis demanded high level enquiry

Two Hindu saints along with their driver killed by Mob in Palghar District of Indian state Maharashtra.

As per reports, they were attacked on the suspicion of theft, and then Beaten by Mob in front of local police.

Ex CM of Maharashtra state Devendra Fadnavis demanded high level enquiry in this case. Fadnavis Tweeted “Seeing the visuals that have come out, Palghar incident of mob lynching is shocking & inhuman. It is more disturbing especially when we are going through such tough times otherwise too. I urge the State Government to immediately set up a High Level Enquiry and ensure that people who are responsible for this are brought to justice at the earliest.”

What Mob Lynching Means

A lynch mob is an angry crowd of people who want to kill someone without a trial, because they believe that person has committed a crime.

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  1. Mr. Fadnavis definitely our Maharastra Gov. Will probe a high enquiry on this but before that can we ask you what was you did with maharastra tried to change the entire politics at night and we do understand you are highly hurt that u r not the CM of Maharastra and you will definitely try to pin point things occurring in maharastra but please also make sure the enquiry is on and our CM Shri Udhav Thakre will definitely Get this enquiry done. So wait for the right time . Playing politics every time is not good Mr. fadnavis


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