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What is the cast and plot of Cobra Kai 3? When are we getting Cobra Kai 3?

YouTube is such a platform that has given us a lot of ways to entertain ourselves, to teach ourselves, to explore things in a new way. It is not just about uploading and watching the videos but also about applying and understanding it in a new way. We have something called Youtube Originals that has a lot of series and movies in it to give us some more way to entertain. One of the famous ones among them is Cobra Kai.

Cobra Kai is an American action series. It is not just an action series but also a comedy television series. This series gets presented in an episodic way of storytelling form. This action-comedy series has been created by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and also Josh Herald. It is adapted from one of the series of The Karate Kid that is written by Robert Mark Kamen. It is about martial arts. We have got two of the best action series and now it’s time that we should know whether we will have season three or not?

The cast of Cobra Kai

What is the release date of Cobra Kai 3?

It was on 2 May 2018 that we have got this action-comedy series. This season is 10 episodes long. The second followed the first one after a year and released on 24 April 2019 with 10 episodes.

If we look up at the coming seasons then it seems to be difficult. We can’t expect the third season to release soon or not even for the next year. The only reason is the shifting in the streaming platform. At first, it was a YouTube Originals and now it has shifted to Sony. Sony has not announced anything related to the renewal for the third season.

Who are there in the cast of Cobra Kai Season 3?

There are some characters who were there in season one as well as in season two. Those characters are still the requirements of the third season, so here are the expected ones- Ralph Macchio in the role of Daniel La Russo, William Zabka as Johnny Lawrence, Xolo Mariduena as Miguel Diaz, Courtney Henggeler must be as Amanda La Russo, Tanner Buchanan as Robby Keene, and Mary Mouser will be seen as Hawk or Mosleowitz.

What could be the plot of Cobra Kai 3

In terms of plot, we can’t predict anything as the whole series got in the hands of Sony. Sony may arrange the plot in a new way or it may continue with the old ones. We saw in the last season that Johnny has lost the ownership of Cobra Kai. Johnny is no more a leader of Cobra Kai. We have also seen that he threw his phone on which he received a friend request. Overall we can’t say anything related to season three of Cobra Kai because the ending itself was unpredictable in Cobra Kai 2.

Fans are hoping that Sony will soon renew the whole series and they may get it really very soon. They are also wishing that story will continue from the ending of the second season.

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