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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast and Plot. Who are the dubbing Artists?

Watching animated series and especially that of fantasy plus comedy is totally a great way to entertain ourselves. One can enjoy their time by the characterization and the plot of such kind of series. If we had to talk about fantasy and also about comedy animated series of America then we have The Dragon Prince and this series is coming up with its sequel.

The Dragon Prince series is totally an American based animated series. It is not just about comedy and fantasy but also about adventures too. The creator of this comedy series is Aaron Ehasz and also Justin Richmond. The Dragon Prince is a Netflix Originals and we can watch it only on Netflix. The production of this animated is handled by Wonderstorm. And the credit of the whole animation goes to by Bardel Entertainment. Giving us three amazing hits, the makers are coming up with the Dragon Prince 4.

The expected release date of The Dragon Prince Season 4

This action, comedy, and adventurous drama released on 14 September 2018. First was a huge hit, second came in the row and released on 15 February 2019. The third season also released in 2019 with 27 episodes.

After getting season three the question for the fourth season is pretty obvious. But it is sad to say that we have to wait for this time because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The initial plan for the release was in May 2020 and now it is postponed. As we don’t know the exact date of shutting off this Pandemic, we cannot even guess the release date of the fourth season.

Who will be the casts and dubbing artists?

If we say that we will be getting totally new casts then it would be totally wrong. So here are the expected casts- Jack Desena will have the role of Callum, Sasha Rojen will do dubbing for Ezran, Rayla dubbed by Paula Borrows, Viren will have the voice of Jason Simpson, Calandia by Racquel Belmonte, Soron voiced by Jesse Inocalla, King Harrow dubbed by Luc Roderique, Queen Sarai dubbed by Kazumi Evans and many more.

What can we expect from the plot of The Dragon Prince Season 4?

Xadia is the name of that continent where we will see the story happening. It is a world of fantasy and if fantasy then it is fictional land for sure. The story of season 4 will be carrying on the story of season 3. The whole continent got divided by a lava river. And it clearly means that living in this world would be difficult. It was the army of Viren who got defeated and also Claudia reviving Viren by her dark magic. Nothing much is revealed except the continuation things of season three, so hope that we will get it soon.

Fans are a little bit disappointed as their favorite series got postponed and they have to still wait.

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