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Carabinieri of Verona team up with US special forces

The Carabinieri of Verona team up with the American special forces.

The Provincial Command of the Carabinieri of Verona was selected by the General Command of the Weapon to share the experience of applying the Covid-19 risk mitigation measures, issued centrally by the Carabinieri, with the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) of Washington (Usa).

It is an independent US research organization that has focused on best police practices since its inception in 1976. Consequently, the activities of the carabinieri carried out in the Verona area at this stage will be made available to the Police Departments and the American Sheriffs.

CONTROLS. And yesterday, always the Veronese carabinieri were busy on the front of the controls as part of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus. Checks that were made with the “air” support of a helicopter of the 3rd Carabinieri Elinucleo of Bolzano. Important the deployment of forces deployed, with over 100 vehicles and 200 military personnel employed to control over 600 people, 500 vehicles and 100 commercial establishments among those authorized to open.

Few, in relation to the controlled persons, were the high penalties while requests for clarifications on the new rules and the activities to be carried out outdoors were very numerous. Answers that have been given both by patrols and by the Carabinieri on duty in our Operations Centers. A quiet May 1st, even if with many people outdoors and walking in the city and in the various places in the province, but without the traditional barbecues in the company.

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