Saturday, April 13, 2024

South Hedland stabbing: things that we know about attacker so far

The attacker who stabbed 7 person at shopping center in South Hedland was from Perth.

The 30 years old attacker was a FIFO worker.The deceased’s parents lived in Perth and had been informed of the incident.

Speaking on Friday afternoon, WA Police Commissioner Chirs Dawson said the offender was aged in his early 30s.

Dawson said the assailant was a FIFO worker who was “known to police.”

Two officers confronted the man, who was Tasered.

A WA Country Health Service spokeswoman said six people were taken to Hedland Health Campus for treatment.

Among 6 persons, 2 are in serous conditions, while three were in a stable condition, and one person had been discharged.

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